Mulches, Bark & Topsoil

Many people ask, “Why mulch?” Simply, mulching discourages weed growth, retains soil moisture, prevents erosion, improves soil conditions, and enhances landscaping.

There is a difference between DARK BARK MULCH and DYE INJECTED WOOD MULCHES! We recently have been asked by our customers to explain the differences in these products.

DARK BARK MULCH is all natural, no dye, no fillers (such as sawdust, wood, poison vines). and is safe for children and animals. Dark Bark Mulch keeps the moisture around your plants and breaks down to add nutrients to the soil. Bark fades as the season goes on and should be stirred up every 4-6 weeks to bring back that first applied look.

DYE INJECTED WOOD MULCH are wood products that keep color longer. THEY DO NOT keep moisture at your plants or break down. While they are safe for children and animals, the main ingredient is dye. If this products is used where children, animals or up against any fixture, IT WILL STAIN. Children and animals will track it into carpet, vinyl, wood and it will be discolored. Also, wood creates spores which are black dots that will shoot up to 25 feet or more. To help stop spores, the dye wood mulch should be stirred every 4-6 weeks. These products recommended use is in areas that are isolated.

Our mulch products are sold by the loader scoop (approx 1 cubic yard, covering approx 150 square feet, 2 inches deep) and by the bag (approx 2 cubic feet).

You pick up or we deliver (minimum order of 2 scoops) for a fee.

PLEASE NOTE: Tot Turf and Topsoil are NOT sold in bags.